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Mackie Thump12A

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Vörunúmer: THUMP12A

Öflugur og sérstaklega meðfærilegur Armed with a 12" low-frequency driver, Mackie's redesigned Thump12A features a Class D amplifier with their proprietary Dynamic Bass Response for detailed midrange and abundant bass that are ideal for small venues, such as coffeehouses. The built-in two-channel mixer's Vita preamps are loaded with Wide-Z technology, effortlessly handling mic, instrument, and line-level signals. The Thump12A is a breeze to use, thanks to four application-specific speaker modes that tailor it to your situation. Additionally, the Thump12A's portable design makes for easy setup and tear down, which will save time and make life easier. Complete with a durable road-ready enclosure and robust system protection, The Mackie Thump12A is primed to handle any gig nánar