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Mackie DRM-212 12" 1600W hátalari

155.800 kr Á lager
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Vörunúmer: DRM-212

12" 1600W PROFESSIONAL POWERED LOUDSPEAKER The Mackie DRM212 12-inch powered loudspeaker combines powerful amplification and proprietary technology to provide impeccable sound for clubs, cafes, houses of worship and more. The Mackie DRM212 represents everything we’ve learned across decades of designing loudspeakers for venues, clubs, mobile DJs, and more. From karaoke night to sunday service, the DRM212 comes equipped with all the power, reliability, and versatility needed for modern high-demand applications. With custom high-output transducers, Advanced Impulse™ DSP and high-efficiency amplification, you’ll always get the cleanest sound possible—no matter where the stage is. The DRM Series is available in multiple point source configurations, line array, plus a companion powered subwoofer. Mackie DRM212