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Fishman SA Expand, Channel Expander / mixer

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Vörunúmer: PRO-MIX-100

The SA Expand 4-channel expander/mixer allows musicians, presenters and AV professionals to easily and affordably add up to four additional microphones, instruments or program sources to their SA Performance Audio System. Phantom powered, when connected to the SA330x, the SA Expand requires no additional power supplies or adaptors to set up… or lose! The SA Expand is a full-featured expander/mixer featuring four channels of Fishman preamplifiers, each with 3-bands of EQ and phase control for pro-quality mixing versatility. Convenient wired-remote access to the SA330x via the Accessory port and four XLR / 1⁄4” inputs. With the SA Expand performers can easily expand their systems to accommodate additional instruments and audio sources as needed. SA Expand features: Four channels of Fishman preamplifiers, each with 3‐bands of EQ and phase control for pro-quality mixing versatility Combo 1/4” / XLR inputs 10dB Input Pad for high-output audio sources An effects send on each channel to allow the SA Expand to utilize the effect section on the SA330x Switchable 48V phantom power for condenser microphones Aux input offers convenient input for set‐break music, backing tracks or other program material (standard 1/8 inch input) Included 15-foot Cat5-style interconnect cable allows users to easily connect the SA Expand to their SA330x Includes Stand Mount Kit to conveniently attach the SA Expand to the SA330x tripod, sub-mounted stand or a mic standnánar