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Gretsch Energy trommusett 10/12/14/20/14SD svart

149.300 kr Á lager
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Vörunúmer: GR801340

The Gretsch Energy Series offers the perfect instrument for beginners - unbox, set up and get started! The player gets a drum, hardware and cymbals bundle including significant Gretsch features like the 30° bearing edge, vintage hardware design, 5-lug toms and a bass drum with wood hoops. The 7-ply poplar shells have a wonderful sound and come with 1,6mm steel hoops and Remo heads. And with Paiste's 101 Series cymbal set you are right on track!. 7-ply poplar shell 30° bearing edge 1.6 mm steel hoop Chrome hardware Incl. 4-part hardware set Incl. 2-part Paiste 101 cymbal set, consisting of: 13" Hi Hats, 18" Crash/Ride Incl. drum throne Gretsch heads made by Remo 10" x 7" TT / 12" x 8" TT / 14" x 14" FT / 20" x 16" BD / 14" x 5.5" SD