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Gretsch CM1-E825-Silver Sparkle

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Vörunúmer: GR804075

Gretsch became famous for its legendary maple shells ("The Gretsch Formula"). The Catalina Maple Series offers the most budget-friendly maple set of the whole product line - the classic Gretsch Sound, combined with the modern design of the Catalina hardware. 7-ply maple shells with the typical Gretsch 30° bearing edge, sturdy 2.3 mm steel hoops, a slim 2-point "Low-Profile" tom mount and Remo heads provide a fantastic and unmistakeable sound character. 7-ply maple shell 30° bearing edge 2.3 mm steel hoop Chrome hardware Gretsch heads made by Remo 10"x7" TT / 12"x8" TT / 16"x16" FT / 22 x18" BD / 14"x5.5" SD Double tom holder included Without cymbals