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SONOR Kompressor Brass 14x5.75 SDB, sneriltromma

112.000 kr Á lager
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Vörunúmer: 17710301

Kompressor Snare Drum, 14" x 5.75", Brass, Power Hoops, Black Nickel plated Breathtaking power, unparalleled variety - Our new Kompressor Series Snare Drums transform air to pure sonic energy, that takes your breath from the first hit. The sensitive response, the powerful and characteristic SONOR sound and the wide range of materials and sizes make these snares a true workhorse, suitable for a variety of musical styles. Thanks to the used Optimum Shell Measurements (OSM) drumheads can vibrate more freely due to the slightly reduced shell diameter. For maximum tuning stability even under extreme conditions, these snares are also equipped with TuneSafe lugs.