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PRS SE Tremonti Custom - Charcoal Burst

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Vörunúmer: SETRCA

One of the very first PRS signature artists was Alter Bridge and Creed main man Mark Tremonti, his mix of precision clean picking and brutal power riffing presenting a need for a guitar that competes right across the board. The PRS Tremonti is a staple in the PRS line and the SE is sure to be another favourite. The Mahogany body with a bevelled Maple with Flame Maple veneer top offers a rich warmth and depth that complements the beautiful aesthetic. With a Wide Thin profile, 25" scale length and 22 frets, the Maple neck feels really comfortable and familiar. The iconic PRS birds sit proudly atop the Rosewood fingerboard for the definitive PRS experience. A pair of PRS S Tremonti pickups offer superb tonal variation and maximise the guitars natural resonance and sustain and with the extended high and low end the S Tremonti buckers deliver uncompromised clarity.