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PRS JM Silver Sky - Orion Green (J8)

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Vörunúmer: J1A2-MJISJ

PRS John Mayer Silver Sky - Orion Green Vintage-inspired guitar based on John Mayer's early-'60s instruments Familiar shape with an eye-catching contrasting tone in its cutaway scoop Comfortable bolt-on maple neck is patterned after John Mayer's beloved vintage instruments Easy-playing rosewood fingerboard with 22 custom-sized frets, 25.5" scale length, and 7.25" radius Inverted PRS-style headstock was modified to accommodate John's playing style and improve intonation Sweet-sounding single-coil pickups churn out glassy, musical tones with excellent note definition Classic-styled tremolo with PRS’s unthreaded trem arm and Gen III knife-edge screws Traditional vintage-style closed-back tuners with modern locking mechanisms Includes a bone nut, molded metal jack plate, retooled knobs, and PRS's double-action truss rod