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Elektron Digitakt

154.400 kr Ekki á lager

Vörunúmer: DDS-8

Eight voice digital drum computer & sampler Capture and manipulate fragments of time courtesy of a dynamic feature set and an exquisite digital sound engine. Digitakt is a powerhouse eight voice digital drum machine and sampler that breaks your creative boundaries wide open and sets the stage for a striking encounter. Beat maker. Wave bender. Digitakt is a compact sampling drum machine that is capable of summoning monstrous beats or conjuring delicately layered samplescapes, before setting you up to unleash your creation using Elektron’s live-friendly sequencer. Drum machines are something of an Elektron speciality, but this is only half of Digitakt’s story. Watch it weave a spectrum of meticulously crafted sounds into any tale. Let the machine do the talking, and see where the story leads. Pandora’s audio box With a multitude of sound-sculpting super-features, this is a box you should open at your own risk. Using the hi-res encoders, you can easily access the versatile multimode filter, break the sonic ice with various send effects, and wield two LFOs for twice the modulation. This means Digitakt won’t just reset your creative limits, it’ll shatter them into pieces. How you reassemble things, that’s where the fun begins. Cover your tracks Unfurl a whole world of sampling possibilities, more fun and easier to rummage through than ever. Ultra-durable back-lit buttons let you control the eight dedicated tracks for internal audio, and additional eight for external MIDI gear. Bring your set-up under the machine’s spell via the two inputs, tying everything together with its powerful master page. Class Compliant USB audio gives you even more connections, and ensures the music-making experience is even more rewarding.