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Mackie Thump118S

153.700 kr Á lager
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Vörunúmer: 2053708-01

One of the best ways to fill the room with bass with your PA system is by adding a subwoofer. Mackie's Thump 118S powered subwoofer was designed to boost the low-frequency power and output of a PA system using their Thump Series powered speakers, but it'll work with any system that needs more bass. This sub features a built-in amplifier that sends up to 1400 watts to the 18" low-frequency driver in an efficient bandpass enclosure, creating plenty of bass energy for just about any musical application or venue. Internal protection circuits keep the sub rockin' and safely under control, even when the party gets loud and raucous. Integrates well Selectable High Pass Modes with a variable crossover setting optimizes the sub for different system configurations and musical genres. A 2-channel input mixer plus 2 full-range and 2 high-pass outputs offer plenty of wiring and integration options. Convenient, top corner handles help ease the pain when carrying this Built-Like-A-Tank™ sub to and from a gig.