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Aebersold Vol.54, Maiden Voyage ,með niðurhali

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NEW OPTIONAL DIGITAL PRODUCT! We now have all of the tracks for this play-a-long extended to 15 minutes each to allow combo instructors the freedom to have multiple soloists perform without having to restart the CD! To order, search product code V54EXT. ”Anyone Can Improvise. Too many people have never considered improvising on their instrument because they’ve been “Chained to the Written Page.” You think you can only play music when you have a music stand with some written music on it. That’s not true. All you have to do to get started is try something as simple as playing Mary Had A Little Lamb starting on any note, maybe D concert. I think you’ll be surprised how quickly you can play simple nursery rhymes. After a little success, I encourage you to move ahead and try to play songs you’ve heard on records, radio, TV, etc. Check out my Volume 1 book/2CD set “How To Play Jazz and Improvise.” Have fun. No need to be stuck to the written page!” Jamey Aebersold Beginning/Intermediate. Standards and workouts for making the transition from playing scales & chords. An excellent resource for beginning improv. Features slower tempos, easier changes, and specific tips on approaching soloing. Scales written for every chord change. Perfect for High School and College music directors! For more easy standards at easy tempos, see Volume 70 "Killer Joe."