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MEINL Singing Bowl 4,9", Universal Series

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Vörunúmer: SB-U-500

SINGING BOWL, 500G - SB-U-500 Handcrafted masterpiece Made in India Special bronze alloy The Meinl Sonic Energy Universal Series Singing Bowls are quality-sounding instruments at great value. They are intended to be used in a variety of situations including yoga and meditation. They can be used individually or played together as a set to create a pleasant and relaxed ambiance. When softly tapped, Sonic Energy singing bowls release a fascinating, multi-layered, and colorful sound that resonates deeply within the soul. Over a rich fundamental tone, entire waterfalls of singing overtones emerge to float freely in space and unfurl inside the body. Once the sound starts vibrating, it won't stop; even a minute later, a soft reverberation can still be felt.