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SONOR Kompressor Beech 13x7 SDW, sneriltromma

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Vörunúmer: 11171001

Kompressor Snare Drum, 13"x07", Beech, Power Hoops, Natural Beech Semi-Gloss Breathtaking power, unparalleled variety - In keeping with this commitment, we are adding two new wood snare drums to our well received KOMPRESSOR Series. They are equally powerful, responsive and versatile as their metal counterparts to cover a vast range of musical styles as your go-to wood snare drums. These made in Germany instruments project with a full and articulate sound, characteristic for SONOR drums. Their heavy beech shell is made using our proprietary Cross-Laminated Tension Free (CLTF) process and Optimum Shell Measurements (OSM). The slightly undersized diameter allows for perfect contact between the shell and the drumhead in all tunings. At the same time, TuneSafe lugs and REMO USA drumheads guarantee maximum tuning stability and a great sound right out of the box.