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NINO Rope Tuned Synthetic Djembe 10"

18.500 kr Á lager
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Vörunúmer: NINO-PDJ1-M-G

The new NINO® Rope Tuned Synthetic Djembes with their patented synthetic construction are used to create a djembe that is ultra-lightweight. As a result of that, these drums are a great choice for kids, especially at schools and drum circles. The hand selected goat skin head produces a warm traditional djembe sound. The synthetic head version makes the drum perfect for outdoor playing, as it is unaffected by the weather. Features: 100% synthetic head and shell are perfect for outdoor playing Ultra-lightweight makes them easy to carry High quality PP nylon ropes Produces sharp slaps and deep bass tones Non-slip rubber bottom Rope Thickness: 4 mm Rope Runners: 16 mm Diameter: 10″