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MEINL African Djembe 12" Large, Goat Head, Pharaohs script

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Vörunúmer: PMDJ1-L-G

The new MEINL Travel Series Rope Tuned Djembes are great drums for everyone from professional musicians to drum circles and recreational players. The patented synthetic construction is used to create a djembe that is ultra-lightweight. At 20% lighter than our fiberglass series djembes, these drums are a great choice to carry to your next gig or on a hike. The hand selected goat skin heads produce the traditional slaps and warm bass tones found in traditional African drums. Size: 12" / 30 cm Tall: 24" Features: Pre-stretched HTP nylon rope Finish: Pharaoh's Script Features: Hand selected goat heads Features: Light weight and durable construction Features: Traditional rope tuning system Features: Rubber foot protects from scratches and slipping Material: Synthetic shell Meinl