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MEINL Headliner Series Conga Set með statífi, vintage sunburst

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Vörunúmer: HC812VSB

The 10" & 11" pair is the perfect set of congas to get you started! The compact size is easy for young players to handle, light to carry, and has a full, rich sound. You can develop a full foundation of conga techniques and rhythms with these student-friendly drums. The 11" & 12" pair is a full-sized entry level conga set. They have superb projection, warm tones, light weight and features found on professional congas. They offer outstanding quality and great value in the budget price range. This is a pair of congas you will want to keep around as you develop your skills. The conga sets are available with the height adjustable basket stands or the height adjustable double braced tripod stand. Features: Hand selected buffalo heads 8 mm strong tuning lugs Original MEINL style tuning brackets 2 mm rounded rims Black powder coated hardware Lugs: 8 mm strong tuning lugs Rims: 2 mm Rounded Diameter Quinto: 11″ Diameter Conga: 12″ Height Conga: 28″ Includes: Height Adjustable Double Braced Tripod Stand