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Zildjian 22" K Zildjian Light Ride

87.200 kr Ekki á lager

Vörunúmer: K0832

The 22" K Light Ride features the same "smoky" sound and excellent stick definition of the 24" model but in a smaller, more controllable size. K Light Rides are excellent all-around rides equipped to perform in any genre. They are described as having a "smoky" sound, but are very responsive and able to generate a vast array of articulation and colors. The K Lights feature larger and smaller K style hammer marks, and smooth K Zildjian lathing customary found in other K Zildjians. Coming in at thin to medium-thin despite their name, they are crashable but also provide full, clear stick definition. The 24" model has a slightly smaller bell to retain a solid stick sound. Excellent all-around ride equipped to perform in any genreVery articulate, generating a wide variety of soundsTwo types of K style hammer marksSmooth K Zildjian lathingCrashable with clear stick sound