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Zildjian 14" K Light HiHat pair

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Vörunúmer: K0812

Based on requests from players for a lighter weight version of our heralded K HiHats, these K Light HiHats have a medium thin top paired with a medium bottom to give them a dark and slightly delicate feel with a light blend of overtones. Good for most applications including rock, pop, country, and jazz. K Light Hi Hats have a broader range of tonal colors, and are lower in pitch and thinner than traditional K Hi Hats. Though thinner in weight, K Lights perform in any musical situation. The wide selection of 13" - 16" lets you decide how dark you want to get, with larger sizes offering more volume and wash for a "sloshy" feel. Lower in pitch than traditional K Hi Hats Thinner weight hi hat Broad range of tonal colors Lighter hi hat that delivers in all musical situations Decide how dark you want to get with 14" - 16" options