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Kawai K-300 ATX4 Anytime píanó, hæð 122cm, svart háglans

1.430.000 kr Ekki á lager

Vörunúmer: K-300 ATX4

Successor of the award-winning upright piano. The K-300 builds upon the success of its award-winning predecessor, the K-3, that was named Acoustic Piano of The Year in four consecutive years. The K-300 proudly extends this distinguished legacy. AnyTimeX4 (ATX4) Enjoy playing the acoustic piano at anytime, without disturbing anyone. AnyTimeX4 upright and grand piano instruments combine specially developed acoustic muting features with class-leading digital technologies, allowing pianists to enjoy the pleasure of owning and playing a traditional acoustic piano, while also being able to practise discretely at any time using private headphones. kAWAI