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Reverend Greg Koch - 3Tone Burst

275.500 kr Á lager
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Vörunúmer: GKG-3TBU

Featuring a Chambered Korina body, this Classic T design allows for a stable, rich, resonant and dynamic tone. With a strategically placed chamber underneath the pickguard, it relieves any balance issues and offers monster tone without any back breaking weight! The Roasted Maple neck boasts a dual action truss rod, six bolt neck plate and an angled neck heel for optimum comfort! With a medium oval profile, 22 jumbo frets and a 10"-14" radius it's supremely comfortable and offers a great playing experience right up the neck. Whether you want to lay down some big chords or tear up the fretboard, the Gristlemaster is fully equipped to deliver. Loaded with Greg signature Fishman Fluence Gristle-Tone pickups, you get incredible tone. The Gristle-Tone pickups deliver 2 very distinct voices, voice 1 is a white guard style, open and airy Nashville vibe sound, perfect for big chords. Voice 2 offers a fat punch and mega sustain, its traditional black guard Fender power.