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Alhambra gítar 6 Olivo, með poka (mod 9738)

175.200 kr Á lager
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Vörunúmer: 8890

The Alhambra 6 Olivo is a classical guitar made of olive wood, a tree native to the Mediterranean basin. The back and sides of this guitar are made of this long-lived, slow-growing, deep-rooted tree. Its twisted and knotty trunk gives the wood a very characteristic appearance. The irregularity of its veins and complex patterns makes each guitar unique. This guitar has a brilliant sound, with good projection of mid and high notes with great definition and clarity. Fast and bright response, perfect for when a greater guitar presence is required in accompaniments or melodies. This model is perfect for playing classical pieces but with the versatility required to play other styles that require a warm and balanced guitar. The Alhambra 6 Olivo has a comfortable string action with a body designed with concert width. Ergonomic neck made of Samanguila wood with ebony inner reinforcement. Solid cedar top and back and sides made of Olive wood. A highly recommendable buy if you are looking for a Spanish classical guitar from Alhambra. High quality Alhambra Gig bag Included!