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Alhambra 1C Hybrid Terra

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Vörunúmer: 799

Alhambra Guitars is once again a pioneer and launches the first hybrid guitar on the market, the new 1 C HT (Hybrid Terra) model. Features This new Student line model, 1 C HT (Hybrid Terra), combines the gloss finish on the top and headstock and Open Pore on the rest of the body and on the neck. On the other hand, its Ergoneck neck makes easier the process of studying and learning due to its comfortability, which makes it a unique model made out of renewable, non-harmful resources and with great respect for the earth. New environmentally friendly varnish Among the main characteristics we highlight that it reduces 90% of CO2 emissions into the atmosphere and 66% of carbon footprint impact. In addition, this varnish is non-flammable and lightens the weight of the guitar by 10%, which makes it an ideal guitar for beginners who want to learn how to play this instrument. For the production of its guitars, Alhambra always uses noble woods selected at source. A controlled process that complies with the regulations that are recommended by the authorities in the field. The reforestation of species in the country of origin is ensured with a sustainable and totally controlled consumption of wood, which is an active commitment of Alhambra concerning the environment. With this optimisation of raw materials, at Alhambra we select the highest quality woods for the production of all our instruments. That is why all Alhambra guitars are crafted with solid Cedar or Spruce tops. TOP: Solid Cedar SIDES & BACK: Sapelli Mahogany NECK: Mahogany FINGERBOARD: Rosewood MACHINE HEADS: Nickel-plated