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Jupiter JFL700RE þverflauta

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Vörunúmer: JFL700RE

Vinsælasta "Open Hole Þverflautan hjá okkur JFL700 series straight head flutes are made for beginners. The upgrade design of the Genesis headjoint and the lip plate facilitate early success and provide a more comfortable playing experience. Features: Effortless when playing: Wide riser angle reduces resistance for immediate response Embouchure comfort: Specially formed lip plate provides a comfortable and natural embouchure placement. Expressive and open tone quality: The wider riser angle promotes quick response with an improved tone quality Specs: Key of C Silver-Plated Nickel Silver Body Silver Plated Genesis Headjoint Silver-Plated Nickel Silver Keys Offset G Open Hole Keys Hidden Adjustment Screws Ribbed Construction Split E French Case and Cover