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Sire Marcus Miller V5 Alder-5 strengja bassi, Natural

106.200 kr Á lager
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Vörunúmer: V5 ALDER-5

The Sire Marcus Miller V5 5-string bass is built to meet the performance needs of its world-renowned namesake — and Sire's commitment to quality is evident right out of the box. First, your fretting hand will delight to the touch of the roasted maple fretboard's rolled edges, which give the Marcus Miller V5 a smooth and comfortable feel you typically won't find on basses in this class. Plug in, and you'll experience rich, punchy tone from a pair of premium Marcus Vintage-J Revolution pickups. Once you begin exploring the vast sonic range offered by these high-powered single-coils, you'll understand what an impressive value the Sire Marcus Miller V5 truly is. A neck that plays like a dream Crafted from roasted hard maple with a matching fretboard, the Sire Marcus Miller V5's neck enhances note definition and attack to perfectly complement the beefy sound of its alder body. Players at Sweetwater are amazed by its rolled fretboard edges, giving this bass a fast and smooth feel like no other. This type of attention to detail gives the Marcus Miller V5 a custom shop playability that belies its value-packed price. Bone nut and steel bridge for superior tone from tip to tail Superior components like a real bone nut and a steel bridge are more reasons why the Sire Marcus Miller V5 bass stands out in its class. Bone transmits vibrations better than inexpensive plastic nuts, giving you better note definition and attack. The same is essentially true for its all-steel bridge, which enhances your tone beyond what inferior alloy bridges can offer. Also, the bridge allows for both body-through and bridge-through string loading, giving you one more option for customizing your bass setup to your preferences.