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Zoom M4 MicTrak upptökutæki

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Vörunúmer: M4-MIC TRAK

Enn eitt snilldartækið frá Zoom. M4 MicTrak Four Track Recording with Timecode Generator and 32-Bit Float. Perfect Tracks. In One Take. The M4 MicTrak is the first portable recorder equipped with 32-bit float recording and built-in timecode generator, giving filmmakers and musicians everything they need to capture outstanding audio. Clip-Free Audio When you’re on-set you can’t afford to come away with clipped or faint audio. The M4 records in 32-bit float, allowing you to capture perfect audio in any situation without the need to set gain. Rolling... And... Action! Filmmakers can use the two XLR inputs for dialogue, while using the X/Y mics to record ambience. In post, your recordings can easily be synced to video, thanks to the M4’s onboard timecode generator. Make Great Sounding Music Videos Combine audio captured by the on-board X/Y mics with two additional external microphones to give your videos studio-quality sound in any environment. Super-Low Handling Noise The M4 was engineered to be the quietest handheld recorder ever. Its unique X/Y mics and glossy finish significantly reduces handling noise, ensuring clean, clear audio, everytime nánar