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Zoom M2 MicTrak upptökutæki

35.500 kr Á lager
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Vörunúmer: M2-MIC TRAK

M2 tækið frá Zoom er hlaðið nýjungum á borð við 32-bita float upptöku tækni. Audio Results Guaranteed Zoom’s M2 MicTrak elevates the work of creators looking to easily record perfect audio. With its innovative X/Y mic capsule design and 32-bit float technology, the M2 MicTrak always gives you great sound in one take. Stereo Recording For Musicians Capture all of your live performances and rehearsals. The M2 is built to provide studio quality sound every time you hit ‘record’. Podcast From Anywhere When you’re on the go, the M2 is the only recorder you’ll need to deliver crisp, clear dialogue, every time. Super Low Handling Noise The M2’s unique X/Y stereo mics, along with its specially designed glossy finish significantly reduces handling noise nánar