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Zoom LiveTrak L-8

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Vörunúmer: L8

Zoom LiveTrak L-8 makes it easier than ever to mix, monitor and record professional-sounding podcasts and music performances in one portable, affordable package. FEATURES 8-channel mixer (6 combo, plus 2 TS) 12-track simultaneous recording, 10-track playback Mix-Minus function preventing audio feedback from dial-in guests TRRS connection and included TRRS cable for phone connectivity 6 assignable Sound Pads, with 13 preset sounds 4 headphone outputs, consisting of 3 custom monitor mixes, plus one main mix 3-band EQ and a low-cut function 7 scene memories for storing mixes 12-in / 4-out USB audio interface Class-compliant mode (for iOS compatibility) Battery operated with four AA batteries or a USB power supply Record up to 24-bit/96kHz, record up to 48kHZ to computer and SD card simultaneously