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Mackie DLZ Creator XS Podcast Mixer

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Vörunúmer: 2055428-01

Digital Mixer / USB Audio Interface For streaming, podcasts, YouTube videos, studio and small live setups 14x4 USB-C audio interface for Mac/PC 24 Bit / 48 KHz Recording to MicroSD or USB storage medium (12 channels + summing mix, storage media optional, not included) 3-Band parametric EQ, noise gate, de-esser, compressor, atomiser reverb, Chronotronic delay Adaptable pads for triggering samples, switching effects on/off and executing commands (fade, duck, etc.) Onyx-80 microphone preamp with up to 80 dB gain 4 Dynamic colour-coded endless rotary controls 5 Potentiometers with dynamic LED level display Illuminated buttons for mute, solo and navigation Multilingual menu navigation (language switchable) DLZ Control modes, DLZ Mix Agent and Auto Mix technologies 7" Full colour touch display with anti-reflective coating Bidirectional Bluetooth stereo channel NDI audio support for seamless network integration 2 Mic/line combo inputs: XLR / 6.3 mm jack 2 x Line input: 6.3 mm jack 2 x Line output: 6.3 mm jack Stereo headphone output: 6.3 mm jack 1 Line input: 6.3 mm mini jack stereo USB C port for computer connection USB and MicroSD card slot for optional storage media Dimensions (W x H x D): 260 x 204 x 83 mm Weight: 0.9 kg nánar