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EVH 5150III , 2x12 Cabinet

108.600 kr Ekki á lager

Vörunúmer: 225-3101-010

Delivering pure EVH sound and power, the EVH 5150III® 2x12 straight-front speaker enclosure is the perfect companion to our 50-watt 6L6 head or 15-watt lunchbox heads. Available in a thick textured Black or Ivory covering with a silver EVH logo badge, the 2x12 cab features premium 7-ply 5/8" birch pine construction and is loaded with a pair of renowned-sounding 12" Celestion® EVH G12H EVH 30W Annivesary Series speakers. This cab also includes a molded plastic strap handle with black powder coated caps, head-mounting mechanism and tilt-back legs. A high-quality fitted cover is available as an EVH accessory.