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Gallien Krueger MB110

77.900 kr Á lager
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Vörunúmer: 303-0791-B

Einn sá léttasti ! The Gallien Krueger MB110 is your ideal grab 'n' go bass combo amp. G-K's MB-II Series combos sport ultra-efficient digital power plants, making them unbelievably lightweight. Another cool innovation is G-K's Chain Out, which lets you connect your MB110 to an MBP-powered enclosure to create a big-club-ready combo rig. Tweak the MB110's 4-band active EQ and gain control to nail your signature tone with just the right amount of grit. And at a scant 9.5 kg, the MB110 is a 100-watt featherweight that easily fits in your subcompact. Get great bass sound and effortless transportability with the Gallien Krueger MB110. Gallien Krueger MB110 Bass Combo Amp Features: Digital power amp for ultra-efficiency and light weight Chain Out lets you connect your MB110 to an MBP-powered enclosure Sculpt your sound precisely with onboard 4-band active EQ Aux in lets you plug in your MP3 player for practice XLR direct out - go straight into the board Gallien Krueger