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RØDE Reporter míkrófónn

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Vörunúmer: REPORTER

Designed for handheld interview and presentation applications, the Reporter features an omnidirectional dynamic capsule that is designed to allow the user freedom of use, without the technique related issues typical of directional end-address microphones. Additionally its frequency response has been specially tailored for voice reproduction, to maximise intelligibility and deliver crisp, clear results in almost any condition. The microphone features a durable die-cast aluminium alloy body coated in a discrete matte black anti-glare finish. An innovative multi-layer mesh basket protects the microphone from environmental noise without the need for a bulky and distracting foam wind shield. It is supplied with a removable microphone ‘flag’ that can accommodate high-visibility branding. Omnidirectional polar pattern Broadcast recording presentation and interview microphone “Tailored for voice” frequency response Ergonomic die-cast body Multi-layer mesh basket for wind protection Includes detachable microphone flag and zip case RØDE