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RØDE M5 matched pair míkrófónar

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Vörunúmer: M5MP

Designed and made in Australia, the M5 is a compact ½” cardioid condenser microphone with low noise and a full frequency response. A result of many years’ experience building the award-winning NT5 microphone, RØDE has succeeded in making a high-quality ‘pencil’ style permanently polarized condenser that will impress even the most demanding of artists and engineers. Ideal for studio recording and live on stage, the M5 is equally at home on a range of acoustic instruments, choirs, or anywhere you would employ a small diaphragm condenser microphone, either individually or as a stereo array. This matched pair has been carefully selected to ensure a variation of no more than 1dB sensitivity between the microphones. A premium foiled certificate is supplied to verify the authenticity of the pair. The M5 is finished with RØDE’s proprietary ceramic coating which offers a sleek matt black finish, and is supplied with WS5 windshields and RM5 stand mounts. 1⁄2” capsule with gold-plated membrane Cardioid polar pattern All metal body Ultra-low noise State-of-the-art surface mount electronics Includes microphone clips and windshields