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Overdrive og Boost

Jackson Audio Prism Silver

57.300 kr Ekki á lager

Vörunúmer: JAUPRIS

Designed as the ultimate tone shaping tool for a player's pedalboard, the Prism is a buffer, boost, preamp, EQ and overdrive, all in one beautiful and compact stainless steel enclosure! The ±15dB active EQ gives an incredible amount of tonal control and range, and has ZERO interaction between the Body and Tone controls. Therefore, adjusting the Tone will only adjust the high frequency response and not cause the low frequencies to shift, and the same is true for the Body control. As a booster/preamp, the Prism contains 3 of the most distinct voices of boosts available: - Trans: a transparent clean boost with no tonal coloring. - Amp: a boost that emulates a vacuum tube amp. - Color: a silicon treble booster. Each boost/preamp circuit is totally discrete and is contained in its own true bypass loop, so there is never any additional circuitry in the signal path. Jackson Audio recommends placing the Prism first in the signal chain as its active EQ will be most effective in that position and the treble booster circuit works best when connected directly to the guitars output. The Prism is a true bypass pedal featuring Jackson Audio's silent switching circuitry and uses relays with a soft touch momentary contact footswitch to accomplish the bypass. At the very end of the Prism is a high current buffer that strengthens the signal and preserves tone regardless of your pedalboard's complexity or cable length.