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Noise Gate

ISP Deci-Mate, Noise Gate

31.900 kr Ekki á lager

Vörunúmer: ISPDECM

This is the first micro-pedal to offer the company's unique noise reduction system. With full implementation of ISP’s world-renowned Decimator technology, and including new tracking improvements, the micro Deci-Mate pedal is a "no gate, no compromise" pedal. The Deci-Mate's single-knob simplicity makes it a user-friendly solution for real-time noise reduction. It benefits from years of innovation: the ISP Technologies engineering team has been awarded multiple patents for developing the company's Decimator technology. • Full Decimator in micro pedal package. • True Bypass design. • New Decimator X Technology uses Time Vector Integration. Adaptive release provides smoothest release response possible. • Adaptive release tracks both staccato and long sustained notes. • Adaptive tracking response tracks any playing style. • Greater than 90 dB effective noise reduction. • Superior design to noise gates using downward expansion with adaptive release. • Analog circuit for transparency / no digital aliasing.