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Death by Audio Disturbance

53.700 kr Ekki á lager

Vörunúmer: DBADIS

The DISTURBANCE is an extreme filter, flanger, and phaser with modulation like you've never heard before. DISTURBANCE's controls allow for a wide range of sounds to be sculpted perfectly to your needs. The 'Tensity' knob changes the feedback amount and structure of all effects, with two totally different intensity options to choose from for each disturbing modulation. The Filter allows for deep swells and piercing resonance with highpass and lowpass options. The Flanger creates a classic modulation sound with options for watery, multi-tap delay matrixes or a screaming flange with distorted feedback. Last but certainly not least, the Phazer mode is a psychedelic 8-stage phaser sound with options for mellow filtered scoops on one side and combination phaser/flanger on the other. But that's not all - the pedal introduces a brand-new way to control an effect: The custom designed modulation core lets you pause the LFO where it stands and listen to the strange world of frozen modulation. Not only does this new system control its own sounds, the DISTURBANCE includes a CV OUT jack which lets the modulation control signal be sent to whatever device dares let it in. Controls • Filter/Flanger/Fazer: Switch to select the modulation type. • Tensity: Intensity of the effect, with different "-" and "+" feedback modes for each modulation type. • Center Point: Center point for the modulation LFO. • Width: Width of the modulation LFO. • Speed: Speed of the modulation LFO.