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Rovner Ligature Alto sax, Star Series, Metal Style

5.300 kr Á lager
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Vörunúmer: SS-RAM

A Performance-Enhancing "Next Generation" Model A Resonating Ribs™ Ligature Features: Exceptionally resonant and free-playing Superior resonance helps ensure solid intonation Flexible, durable...almost indestructible Easy to install, even for inexperienced players Yields more playable reeds...an additional cost savings Serious performance at an amazingly low price Now comes with a cap! Made in the USA! Who Plays It? The value-priced Star Series is for any player seeking the ultimate in resonance. Its price belies its ability to deliver warmth and expression for even the most discerning jazz or blues player in an intimate acoustic setting. The Star Series enhances the inherent qualities of the instrument and mouthpiece without "coloring" the tone. It bathes the player in resonance, offering excellent feedback especially to the developing player with an immature embouchure, helping to improve intonation and enhancing the playing experience. To the jazz player, the Star Series offers pleasure...to the new player it offers fun!