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BG Bb klarinett munnstykki

13.600 kr Á lager
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Vörunúmer: B3B

Black clarinet mouthpiece made of bio-compatible material. The tip opening is 1.15 mm. It is a versatile mouthpiece, allowing the musician to play all styles of music. Preferably played with a reed of strength 2 - 2.5. BG Mouthpieces are made of bio-compatible material. It's density is close to the density of ebony wood to offer exceptional acoustic response in all registers. It does not cause any tarnishing of the silver on the clarinet keys due to the sulphur emanations from the ebonite mouthpieces. The traditional cork has been replaced by a synthetic ring allowing a good seal. This ultimately allows you not to worry about the cork lasting, the synthetic ring lasts a good duration of time. Each mouthpiece is individually pre-tested by BG. BG Franck Bichon