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Fibracell klarinettblað no 2,5

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Vörunúmer: F10025

New Premier version of the Fibracell reeds. Now numbered like classic reeds in 2, 2.5 strenth etc. These new Premier Fibracell clarinet reeds are super consistent and can last months. The Fibracell material is a sophisticated composite of aerospace materials designed to precisely duplicate the way Nature constructs reed cane. Very stiff but sound absorbing Aramid fibers are suspended in a lightweight resin formulation. Upon testing we've found them to be very lively and responsive. They definitely add volume to the tone, its worth noting that they come up a good 1/2 strength softer than you would imagine. A strength 3 is equivalent to a Vandoren V12 2.5 or Vandoren blue box 2 to 2.5 max in our opinion.