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45-130 Regular Light, 5-String, Super Long Scale, NYXL

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Vörunúmer: NYXL45130SL

NYXL bass guitar strings thump harder, bend farther and sound thicker than any bass string you’ve played before. As our premium uncoated bass string, NYXL bass strings provide higher break strength, enhanced tuning stability, and accentuated harmonics where it counts. Using a NY Steel core, Fusion Twist technology, and premium nickel-plated steel wrap wire, with a reengineered core-to-wrap ratio, NYXL bass guitar strings deliver extra versatility, familiar feel, and a boosted tone that’ll expand the scope of your low-end. Made for 5-string basses, this 45-130 Regular Light Super Long Scale set provides players with an extremely versatile, super long scale string, in our most popular string gauge.