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Vic Firth RUTE-X Medium Gauge bjuðar

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Vörunúmer: RXM

The feel and response of a drumstick with the volume control and alternative sounds of a rod product. The Vic Firth RUTE-X rods offer unparalleled dynamic versatility, solid rimshots, and cross sticking that you just can't get with traditional rods. Perfect for the studio, practice, or any low volume setting. Available in 4 models: light gauge, medium gauge, and heavy gauge premium birch, and a durable poly synthetic.​ 11 medium gauge premium birch dowels offer a mid-range volume and attack on drums and cymbals Rimshots and cross sticks are effortless with this drumstick/rod hybrid design A moveable band adjusts to dial in your sound and feel Features premium birch dowels secured in a hickory drumstick handle Finished in a timeless walnut stain SPECS Diameter : .580" | 1.47cm Length : 16.25" | 41.28cm