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SlapKlatz MINI Damper Gels Clear 6 stk

1.500 kr Á lager
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Vörunúmer: SLAP MI-CL

With SlapKlatz MINI you get the same high quality drum dampeners as our renown SlapKlatz PRO drum dampeners provides, only at a lower price point. You also get all of the different sized dampeners that you get with the PRO pack AND the same 4 colors to choose from. SlapKlatz MINI is truly a “best buy” when it comes to drum dampening. So what is the catch? Other than it’s cheaper, the difference lies in two factors: The selection of 6 drum dampeners in total versus 12 in the PRO pack and the fact that we have managed to develop a simple yet lovely carrying case that is made out of just one piece! Yep – even the locking mechanism is part of the same molding.