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Meinl Practice Pad 6"

5.500 kr Á lager
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Vörunúmer: MPP-6

6" diameter Pocket size for drummers on the go Mountable on a normal cymbal stand. The Meinl 6" Practice Pad feels like playing a medium tension drum to replicate the true feel of real life playing. The silicone playing surface and modern composite base used to build this pad are durable and provide a soft stick attack sound. Hearing is key to dialing in your chops and feel, and this pad is designed for you to hear every note clearly while not being loud. The pad has an 8 mm threaded connection underneath so you can mount to any 8 mm threaded post stand (like a cymbal stand). With its additional 1 mm thick soft foam padded underside, the pad can also be placed on any flat surface like a desk or table. Train your muscles accurately so you can play exactly how you want on your actual drums!