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Single Coil

TV Jones TV-HT Bridge, Universal Mount, Chrome

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Vörunúmer: HTB-UVCHM

TV-HT™ Bridge Pickup - Universal Mount™ The TV-HT is our take on the famed Gretsch HiLo'Tron pickup. This single-coil pickup is made close to the original but with a bit more output in the bridge position. This gives the sound more integrity and push - often what players wanted from the original HiLo'Trons. These pickups are also made to be hum-cancelling in the middle position (when both are on). Tone/Characteristics Twangy, clanky single-coil goodness with a touch of natural midrange. The TV-HT is designed to produce twangy bass and crisp highs perfect for that old school sound, but also surprisingly cool with a lot of gain (due to its low output and translucent clarity). If you are a player who likes it crystal clear with a nice'n tight bass response (even more so than the TV Classic and Magna'Tron) - these are for you.