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L.R.Baggs M1

30.300 kr Ekki á lager

Vörunúmer: M1

The M1 Active’s plug-and-play design features a preamp with audiophile circuitry for that pure acoustic sound we are known for. The built-in electronics boosts the pickup’s output for a full and direct signal to any acoustic amplifier or P.A. system, eliminating the need for any external preamps. The M1 Active includes a volume control and adjustable pole pieces for perfect balance and tone between the strings. FEATURES Highly Feedback-resistant Volume control Built-in gold plated 1/8" jack makes removing the pickup a snap Long battery life – 1,000 hours on one 3V lithium coin cell Adjustable pole pieces for perfect balance with most string types and gauges Includes a pre-wired strapjack harness