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Slide-O-Mix Rapid Comfort smurefni / olía fyrir básúnu

1.420 kr Á lager
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Vörunúmer: SOM9

The comfortable variant with the unique Slide-O-Mix Slide feeling. The rapid and reliable solution from ONE bottle put on, spread, that’s it! ...for all who are searching for a slide action without stopping or sticking. ...for all who do not want to do without the Slide-O-Mix gliding film, but who are looking for a faster application. ...for all who do not want to refuse on the Slide-O-Mix Set with his unique possibility to the individual adjusted preparation of the trombone slide. Here Rapid Comfort can be used in addition to the Classic Set if the time for an individual Re-application is missing. The Set Slide-O-Mix and Rapid Comfort "get together" on the slide. Storage of the Lubricant is ideally at normal room temperature, which also applies for Slide creams.