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Denis Wick French Horn munnst PAX6

13.300 kr Ekki á lager

Vörunúmer: DWPAX6

The DW/Paxman range of mouthpieces has been developed with LSO principal horn Tim Jones, and uses the ideas underlying the Denis Wick Heritage range. This principle is based on a late 19th century design, where the cup wall is very thin near the mouthpiece rim, combined with the new idea to have substantially more mass lower down the cup. The results are amazing. The mouthpieces have an immediate, easy response, particularly in the high register, a smooth legato and a sound rich in overtones over the whole range. The 6 is a good all-round mouthpiece. It has a rich and full sound with excellent flexibility. Cup Diameter: 17.25mm Rim width: 4.30mm Bore: 4.50mm Backbore: V-type