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K&M one hand míkrófónstatíf, 26085

13.400 kr Á lager
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Vörunúmer: 26085.300.55

With the unique »Soft-Touch« one-hand clutch the height can be adjusted with a quick squeeze to easily raise and lower the mic. Sleek, flat, cast-iron base is very stable and durable. Quality black powder coating is extremely durable. Base diameter: 250 mm Height: From 1,060 to 1,790 mm Height adjustment: »Soft-Touch« one-hand clutch Leg construction: Flat round cast-iron base Material: Cast-iron base, rod combination made from aluminum Product Category: Topline Rod combination: 2-piece folding design Special features: Anti-vibration rubber insert for noise filtration Threaded connector: 3/8" Weight: 3.15 kg