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Mackie FreePlay Lithium-Ion Battery

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Make your Mackie Freeplay Rechargeable! A portable personal PA system doesn't do you much good if the batteries die in it. Don't be stuck searching desperately for a handful of new batteries. Get the Mackie Freeplay lithium ion battery and just recharge your Mackie Freeplay! The Freeplay battery installs easily into the unit's normal battery compartment, and will keep you up and running wherever you are. To get the most out of your Mackie Freeplay, Sweetwater recommends the Freeplay rechargeable litium ion battery. Mackie Freeplay Lithium Ion Rechargeable Batter Features: Rechargeable battery pack for Mackie's Freeplay personal PA system Saves money on disposable batteries Better for the environment Capacity: 5200 mAh Nominal Voltage: 7.4 V DC