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Voodoo Lab White 2.1mm cable R/A, Rev Pol

900 kr Á lager
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Vörunúmer: PPREV-R

Cable with two 2.1 mm angled coaxial connectors and reversed polarity (center plus) Suitable for some Fulltones, some Moogerfoogers, JangleBox and other pedals Power supply connection: 2.1 mm angle coaxial connector Pedal connection: 2.1 mm angle coaxial connector Length: 46 cm Voodoo Lab cable for Pedal Power II power supplies. The most widely used cable with 2.1mm straight barrel connector on each end and standard (centre negative) or reversed polarity (centre positive). Used with the majority of popular pedals Standard polarity (centre negative) pedals include Boss, MXR/Dunlop, TC Electronic Nova, Line 6 ToneCore, Ibanez and more. Reverse polarity centre positive) pedals include JangleBox, some Fulltone pedals, some Moogerfooger and others.