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Vintage Series trommusett, California Blue

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Vörunúmer: 15901248

A timeless concept for timekeepers Vintage instruments tell us stories. They bring the past to life. Listening to the unique character of tube amplifiers, enjoying the warm sound of vinyl albums or driving a classic car.. you get the idea. So we transformed the original Sonor sound, look & feel of the fabulous 50s, 60s and 70s drums into a contemporary concept: the Vintage Series. Teardrop lugs Updated teardrop lug featuring the authentic look of the 50s with Tunesafe-System. Rounded bearing edges The rounded bearing edges deliver a warm tone with deep low and great resonance. Made of 100% beechwood. Bass drum bracket Available with the re-issue of the classic "iron" - shape bracket, which fits all Sonor single- and double-tomholder. Exciting finishes Fans of the Vintage Series are spoilt for choicke: they can choose either the new finish California Blue or one of the three classicls Red Oyster, Vintage Pearl or Black Slate. Bass Drum 22" x 14" Tom Tom 13" x 8" Floor Tom 16" x 14" Chrome plated No bass drum mount